Price list

transport instrumentów sejfów, transport pianin cennik
Price carriage floor loading - unloading floor (up to four degrees) calculated every kilometer.

Pianos and grand grand pianos to 2,1 m - 1,5 zł / km, minimum 150PLN
Grand pianos over 2.1 m - 1.8 zł km, minimum 200PLN

Prices negotiable dependent on the conditions of supply.
Gives the minimum value.

Piano to 130 cm in height - 100 storey
To 210cm grand pianos, concerts piano - 150 storey
210cm to 240cm pianos - 200zł floor
Grand pianos - 300zł floor

Transportation international instruments
Price 0.5 EUR per km

* Net price without VAT



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 Fortepian Inne

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